This Week at Duncanby

Hello friends of Duncanby

Ocean Whaler calling with the last this week of season 17 at the happiest place on the coast. An incredible week of sharing and moments together.

First up was an awesome group of Duncanby friends family and some newbies who are part of us forever now. This group had the toughest weather and fishing of the season monsoon rain wind and crazy currents. They did get an extra night here as there was no way the planes could fly which is always a bonus to the guests here when it does happen. As mentioned even with the tough weather anf fishing this group had a great time which reminds us all how special Duncanby is for so many reasons. Yes we are a fishing lodge but were about way more than just fish to our guests. We did have 4 Tyee’s released and everyone went home with fillets to be enjoyed. Huge shout out to our Spirit of the Tie Dye Chris Sutherland. We love you our inspirational friend.

Next up was an absolutely great group of people for our lasts guests of the year. A day late but incredible weather and while not off the charts better fishing for most. 5 more Tyee’s released bringing us to 89 released of 93 this season. Our 2nd highest total ever only behind last years 98 released of 103 Tyee’s. Shout out to Tasha on the spirit of the Tie Dye the Dg and I love our day fishing with you and Deb. This trip was loaded up with so many of our greatest supporters of Duncanby and the Percy Walkus Hatchery it made its just that extra special to end our season with you.

This week is always a very emotional week for all of the Duncanby Crew and this year more than ever. It honestly feels like we just got here. And none of us want to go home. Season 17 will go down as the most special season ever to us and to the vast majority of our guests who were here with us. While we were very mindful of our covid protocols they really were a small price to pay to be here at Duncanby making memories and sharing moments away from the daily thoughts and worries of regular world life. A huge thanks to all our guests for accepting the changes we needed to put in place to make our season happen . This season would not have happened without the commitment of our entire crew. The crew that ended the season here is absolutely the best team we have ever had. I know I don’t need to say it but im going to anyways. The Dg is the glue that makes us all better her refusal to accept close enough is truly what makes the Duncanby Difference. It took a true team effort and I always get way more credit than I deserve but the MVP for season 17 is my beautiful Dg. I would also like to recognize and thank the following for there support of Duncanby. The entire Team at Seair, Shearwater Freight and The Central Coaster crew, GFS, Brigeview Marine, Wilderness airline, Port Hardy Liquor Store, Pacific Net and twine, Gibbs Delta Tackle, Islander Reels, Peetz, Jason Henry Hunt, Our Ocean Trailer family and an extra large shout out and massive virtual hug to our Wuikinuxv Nation family and friends Gianakci. I so missed visiting and seeing you all there and here this year. We cherish our relationship with all of these people.

Well friends its rig down and time to get back to work. We wish you joy each and every day. Life is good.

Ocean Whaler and the best crew ever.


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